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I am currently working for the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa as a full time photographer, and as such my freelance and commercial activities are suspended until the end of this employment period. Thanks for your interest!


I am an Ottawa based photojournalist and documentary photographer, with a sociological and environmentalist background mainly interested in telling stories about climate change, social justice and giving a voice to the lesser heard and the non-profit sector.

My work has been published with the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Camera, Toronto Star, Corporate Knights and other international publications, and I am the main photographer for the national affairs online publication The National Observer.

Former soldier turned activist turned photojournalist, I’ve been to a few places, seen a few things, and moved around. One thing has remained constant, however, the need to work for the greater good and to ensure a better future for my daughter. I picked up my first camera while serving as an infanteer in Afghanistan with the Canadian Armed Forces in 2007, where I occasionally assisted Combat Camera in telling stories from Kandahar. Since then, I have permanently traded in my assault rifle, realizing that the camera was much more powerful.

From building my own story over time to bringing stories together around environmental and social issues, I now want to tell visual stories to give a voice to those who need to be heard the most on the front lines of climate change and social justice.

I’m available for assignments, locally, nationally and internationally.

I’m available to document your events, galas, happenings, even your marches and protests.

I’m also available for portraits, with a preference for environmental portraits.

Get in touch:

You can reach me at, call me at 819-598-5689, or use the form below.