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I am an Ottawa based documentary photographer, with a sociological and environmentalist background mainly interested in telling stories about climate change, social justice and giving a voice to the lesser heard and the non-profit sector.

My work has been published with the Canadian Armed Forces Combat Camera and the west coast online publication The Tyee.


Photo by JVL Photo

I picked up a camera during my military career. After spending half a tour of duty in Afghanistan with a point and shoot camera, I picked up my first DSLR kit while back home on holidays in 2007 before heading back. Doing side duties as a photographer with the Combat Camera crew allowed the seed for photography to grow, and a few years after the tour, I eventually traded my assault rifle for a camera more permanently.

I’ve practiced amateur photography ever since, playing with the idea of actively pursuing a career. Today I’m finally jumping into the fray officially, wanting to tell untold stories of social justice, climate change front lines and of conflict where others choose not go. For the last few years have had the privilege of mainly working for the Ottawa based corporate photographer JVL Photo, as an assistant and occasional second shooter, as well as for other photographers in Ottawa, honing my skills.

I now shoot events of all kind, cover happenings for publications like the Tyee, the National Observer and specialize in non-profit organisations like Ecology Ottawa. Get in touch for a quote for your event, or your staff’s portraits.

I also still assist, and second shoot, also get in touch if you need my services.


You can reach me at, call me at 613-294-2024, or use the form below.