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First Studio Shoot, Featuring Robb Barnes of Ottawa’s The Pale Light.

I’ve known Robb for a few years, as we worked together before I jumped into photography.

Last winter, Robb went down in his basement’s music room and pretty much pumped out an entire album on his own, and gave his one man band a name: The Pale Light.

When he approached me to make some images for his “band”, I really had no idea on how to go about making it happen but agreed to work with him, seeing this as a solid personal growth opportunity.

We thought about it for a bit over a couple of beers to see where we wanted to take this, and I really liked some photos he showed me of a recent Matthew Good shoot. We used the images to work from and the result is heavily inspired from them but worked well as a learning experience. I’m afraid I was never able to identify the Matthew Good photographer, if anyone knows who he is, please let me know so I can credit him!

In any case, we booked the House of Common studio here in Ottawa, and I borrowed some extra lights from my friend Justin at JVL Photo, and off we went one Saturday afternoon to give this a try.

I had never done a studio shoot before, but having been assisting Justin for a few years now, and with some extra counsel from him and Rémi Thériault, I think the whole thing went pretty well, considering it was a first.

Funny story is that between the shoot, and the time it took me to edit and deliver, Robb recruited members for his band and it’s no longer a one man band! So these images might not get used for the band after all, but I’m still happy with them. And maybe we’ll get to do the whole band next!

Here’s a gallery of the shoot!

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