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2017 February



On Assignment: Trudeau’s 2016 End of Year Press Conference



In my quest to catch up with my activities, here’s another backdated post!

This one came around mid-December. It was week two of freelance work with the National Observer. I was assigned to cover Justin Trudeau’s end of year press conference at the Hill’s press gallery theatre.

Straight forward shooting, steady and good lighting inside while he spoke, handful of other photojournalists milling around, the usual Hill photographers.

The most interesting image to come out of this is the one you see above as a header. Beyond the actual speaking inside the theatre, the other interesting imagery to get that day was from the Prime Minister’s arrival, outside. It was a snowy day, so that can make for dramatic imagery.

Having set-up my other body inside the room for video along with my main lens (a 17-55 EF-S on the 7D, back then), I had put the 17-40 on the 5DMkII body for outside. We were expecting the PM to arrive by car, and the parking zone was really close.

I learned that with wider lenses, and this 17-40, when shooting wide open, you need to let a bit more light in to freeze action. The shot above isn’t all satisfying because it’s not fully frozen. It’s not bad, it’s a nice shot giving a feeling of movement, as he’s getting out of the car and moving towards the building, but you can probably see that his face looks weird, not very sharp, slightly blurry. The shot is somewhat in between. Some people like it, the National Observer liked it, and in the end it’s what matters. It has some things going for it, but it remains technically flawed.

There was not a whole lot more worthy of publishing to come out of this day, except another headshot of Trudeau himself inside.

It’s an ongoing learning process!